MARCH 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 3

MARCH 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 3

March's GOOD VIBES! Spotlight on Dr. Lisel Lewis, The LA Chiropractor. Read her interview and what she has to say on the most unique things about Rapid Release Therapy.

Some people come into our office just to have Rapid Release Therapy done! The best part about Rapid Release Therapy--its vibration!

RRT: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. First off, can you tell us the name of your practice and how long you’ve been in business?

DR. LEWIS: The name of our office is The LA Chiropractor and we've been in business for 3 years.

RRT: How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy and what interested you most about us?

DR. LEWIS: At Cal Jam probably five years ago. Rapid Release Therapy had a booth. That's where we got our first device. What interested me most was that I can go over boney areas. It doesn't irritate the area or it doesn't bounce as percussion tools do.

RRT: How many Rapid Release Therapy devices do you have and how do you use them in your practice?

DR. LEWIS: We have four. We use Rapid Release Therapy at the beginning of treatment before giving an adjustment to warm up the area to relax muscles and provide relief before they get adjusted. We tell everyone that all the therapy that we use in the office is to make sure they get the best adjustment.

RRT: What are the best results you've seen from using Rapid Release Therapy?

DR. LEWIS: My favorite is for people who either don't want to be adjusted or can’t. I use the little round piece almost like a replacement for an adjustment sometimes, or at least before getting their adjustment because they're hesitant or too tight.  Rapid Release Therapy always puts my patients at ease.

RRT: Has Rapid Release Therapy helped with patient or client retention?

DR. LEWIS: Oh yeah, definitely! Some people come into our office just to have Rapid Release Therapy done. They don't get anything else done.

RRT: Do you use percussion devices, if so, which ones?

DR. LEWIS: We only use ArthroStim, which I'd consider a replacement for an adjustment.

RRT: In your opinion, what responses or results do you see with your patients when you use that on them?

DR. LEWIS: The ArthroStim is not the same. They know it's not the same. It's not soothing. We are definitely moving the bone, but it doesn't feel as good. It's more percussion, so it's more irritating.

RRT: Do you have any tips for others? Are you doing something now that you were not doing before?

DR. LEWIS: The best part about Rapid Release Therapy--its vibration and the vibration is different. You can have somebody with a really, really sensitive area from something that happened recently, they can't even walk, can't even be touched. We use vibration in Rapid Release Therapy and at least it gives them relief while the tool's being used. They could be in so much pain, but that vibration is the only thing that they can tolerate at the moment while using Rapid Release Therapy on them.

RRT: Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

DR. LEWIS: I feel you guys should market that part more. There are so many different tools out there, but none of them are high-speed vibration therapy, which is probably the most unique part of Rapid Release Therapy. Those vibrations are very effective, but I haven't really heard anybody talk about that part as much.

RRT: That concludes our interview. Thank you so much for your time and insight.

DR. LEWIS: You're welcome.

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