FEBRUARY 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 2

FEBRUARY 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 2

FEBRUARY 2020 - GOOD VIBES! Spotlight on Dr. Lisa Fortin: She shares her stories using the Rapid Release Therapy and the positive results she's been getting.

Feels like it melts away muscle tension . . .
Below is our interview with Dr. Lisa Fortin of ReYouvenate in Petoskey, MI.

RRT: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

LISA FORTIN MD: You're welcome.

RRT: What is the name of your practice and how long have you been in practice?

LISA FORTIN MD: ReYouvenate and almost three years.

RRT: How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy?

LISA FORTIN MD: Through one of our close friends who is also in the health and wellness space. He himself had a ruptured appendix when he was 18 and had multiple small obstructions. At a conference he attended, he was introduced to Rapid Release Therapy. He began using it to help with the abdominal wall muscles and was so amazed by it that he bought it. He then brought it with him when he visited us and introduced us to the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2.

RRT: How many Rapid Release Therapy devices do you have in your office?

LISA FORTIN MD: We have one that we use routinely and we have one at home for personal use. We've sold about ten to patients and friends!

RRT: What was it that interested you most about Rapid Release Therapy?

LISA FORTIN MD: The depth of penetration of the actual vibration. It felt like it was getting deep into the tissues. A lot of massagers I feel are surface massagers. This one was actually making a change-–relieving muscle tension. I was quite surprised at how much it seemed to be helpful with difficult long-standing issues. I have a really good story to share.
We're a clinic that does non-pharmaceutical pain management and we're involved in a documentary about non-pharmaceutical options for pain management. One of the clients of mine that was in the documentary is a young girl who at age twenty one, was involved in a motor vehicle accident where she hit a tree. She had shattered her tibial plateau. She had a fracture-dislocation of her ankle and it was an open fracture. She had a really large laceration there and had a lot of problems following that. When she came to visit the clinic, she was signed up for her fourth surgery on that leg. Three years after her accident, she was still in physical therapy, had very limited range of motion of the right ankle, and could not perform a squat. We were doing some things to help with the pain of her leg, other modalities.
One time only, I did Rapid Release Therapy on the area, which was visibly raised. It was dark purple in color on her interior right ankle. I just worked on it for about five minutes, and I was so shocked. I said, quote "Sarah, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" Because it looks like it is actually visibly less than it was, and it looks lighter." She said it feels really good. So, she went home. She lives about four hours away from the clinic. I received a text the next week that said both she and her physical therapist were in tears because she had range of motion in her ankle–enough to be released from physical therapy, after three years, to a home program! It's one story after another where people get really significant relief with the addition of this to the other modalities that we're doing. It's very synergistic to what we do.

RRT: That is a great story. Thank you for sharing!

LISA FORTIN MD: This poor girl–they told her she'll be able to walk, but she won't be able to run or jump. She was a very active soccer player, a young woman. The most she was able to walk around and stand was about five hours in a day. She was so very limited in what she could do. Since she's gone through the treatments, including Rapid Release Therapy, she has traveled all over the United States. She was up here running with my children, jumping on the trampoline. She got back her life!

RRT: What are the best results you've seen?

That's one of them. Another one was from a yoga instructor who had a pelvic fracture from an accident, and a hamstring injury. We just spent maybe five minutes also on her hamstring origin. Because she's so in tune with her body as a yoga instructor, she noticed an immediate change that, by far in all of the time she's had that injury, that's the freest that area has been as far as range of motion. So that was another good one. She noticed it immediately, right during the session.

RRT: That's a great story, too. Has Rapid Release Therapy helped with your patient compliance and retention?

LISA FORTIN MD:  I would say yes! There are a number of clients that return. I always combine it with another therapy. Through our medical office, it's not offered as a solo therapy often. You can add this to your photobiomodulation or to your PEMF package. People say they truly enjoy the sessions when they're doing Rapid Release Therapy. A lot of them just feel like it melts away muscle tension that they hold.

RRT: Do you have any tips for others? Are you doing something now that you were not doing before?

LISA FORTIN MD: I'm doing more active flexion-extension during the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2, kind of active
movement of the joints. I feel like that really is helpful. We do a lot of work on the myofascial planes with Rapid Release Therapy. Also for plantar fascia, it is very supportive. I think doing the dynamic stretching during Rapid Release Therapy is something newer that I've tried and it's really been remarkable.

Any last comments?

Yes, I've been really happy with it. We've been to Paleo FX and we stopped at the booth again. We're so happy to see you guys every time we go to a conference!

RRT: This has been a great interview. Thank you again!

LISA FORTIN MD: Thank you!

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