Rapid Release™ THERAPY for Dentists!  

The most commonly reported sites for musculoskeletal problems experienced by dentists in the previous year were the neck (59%), lower back (57%) and shoulders (45%).

-Society of Occupational Medicine.


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As a Dentist, we know that you have many responsibilities.  You take care of your patients, your business and everything in between, and we say you deserve relief!


   Time spent in prolonged static postures and repetitive motion create nagging aches and pains that can limit careers.[1]

[1] Forward flexion and lateral flexion/rotation (the common movements of dentists) can compromise soft tissue, developing imbalances and reduces neuromuscular efficiency (Falla, 2004).

Get ahead of your pain and get your patients out of pain by quickly releasing tight TMJ muscles.  Or maybe you just want every patient to walk out of your office feeling great.

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Rapid Release™ THERAPY for Dentists!

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