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Rapid Release Therapy

Athletes want what their professional therapists use on their athletic clients. With our patented high speed vibration, athletes can quickly relieve muscular aches & pains to get back into competition. With targeted accuracy the PRO3 will be your go to tool for peak performance and recovery.

  • Cordless

  • Lightweight

  • Ergonomic linear design

  • 150 Strokes Per Second +- 10%

  • 3-5x Faster than percussion

  • Fast Shipping

Cali SchweikhartSpartan Race Competitor

Cali played competitive basketball throughout high school and Division 1 soccer at Boston University.

2017 was Cali's first year racing at the Elite level in OCR. At just 21 years-old, she became one of the youngest females to win a race at the Spartan Elite level.

In 2018, Cali claimed 6 elite podium spots - three being first place finishes. Cali joined the Spartan Pro Team in 2019 and managed 8 more podium finishes. Cali is now part of the 2020 Spartan Pro Team. "

"I try to do self-massage almost nightly to work on tight muscles and try to keep things loose. I love getting massages, but since they can be expensive, I don't go get them super often. I also love seeing my chiropractor for general alignments and specific work on anything that needs attention!" "

Hakeem DawoduMixed Martial Arts

Tianna FallsWomen's Pro Moto

The Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 is designed for professional athletes. Using our patented High Speed Vibration, athletes can quickly relieve muscular aches & pains and get back on the field. With targeted accuracy the Pro3 will be your go to tool for peak performance and recovery.


Cali Schweikhart

Hakeem Dawodu

Tianna Falls


How does the Rapid Release Pro3 compare to percussive devices? Review the comparison matrix below to learn more.

Features Vibration Therapy Percussive Devices Notes
High Speed 10,000 rpm 2,100-3,600 rpm Rapid Release is 3-5x faster than percussion
Short Stroke 1/16" Amplitude 5/8" Amplitude Short stroke increases comfort, relief and reduces muscle guarding
Design Intuitive Functional Design Gun/Triangle Functional design allows
for extended reach
Treatment Vibration Percussive Rapid Release Pro3 features a frequency of 155 (+/- 10%)
Broad Application Head-to-Toe “Full Body Therapy” Large Muscles Percussive is not recommended for small muscles, extremities, and sensitive areas.
Extremities Vibration therapy is highly effective on extremities and small muscles.
Registered Medical Device Rapid Release is a professional, therapeutic, medical device
Treatment Heads Five built-in treatment heads Stop & replace heads Dual motion, multi-head device for maximum versatility by changing the angle
Weight 2.1 lbs 2.5-3.1 Lightweight devices allows for increased portability
Operation/ Ergonomics Meticulously Balanced ‘Jack-Hammer’ Percussion is stressful on the wrist, elbows and shoulders
90-Day Trial Exclusive professional program. 100% money-back gaurantee