The Importance of Ergonomic Tools

The Importance of Ergonomic Tools

Chiropractors treat pain, but should they be treating patients at the expense of their own health? A study of work-related injuries in the United States found that 40% of polled chiropractors have injured themselves while on the job. This is a staggering statistic, but it’s also not a surprising one.

Chiropractors are trained to use their bodies as their main modality but, in the last few decades, new modalities and medical devices have been added to improve patient outcomes.

Ergonomics talks to the use of products for extended periods of time including the typical workday for chiropractors or physical therapists. If these products are not ergonomically developed for long term use, the chiropractor using them can suffer.

Importance of Ergonomics In Chiropractic

Your health as a chiropractor is just as important as your patients’. Devices can improve your practice’s outcomes and patient satisfaction, but are these devices healthy for daily use? What makes a device ergonomic?

Manageable weight

The weight of the device has to be manageable for everyday use. Any device that is more than three pounds could pose an issue for some practitioners. Using a heavy device for an extended period of time can cause exhaustion and lead to a decrease in the number of patients you can treat on any given day.

Reduces strain

An ergonomic device should remove any undue strain on your body while you are practicing. Ergonomic devices shouldn’t cause you to physically feel strain in your muscles or back as you use it. This includes pushing the device or exerting your muscles to get the best use of the device.

Manageable size

This one is probably the most important of the three. The device should be easily held in one hand and have a circumference that is easy to grab on to for an extended period of time. A device that easily sits in the hand can reduce the amount of energy you extend every treatment.

Meant to improve ease of use and reduce injuries among users, ergonomic devices aim to make you more comfortable in your practice while also striving to improve your treatment of patients.

By using ergonomic devices, you are safeguarding your health and improving the longevity of your practice. Ensuring that your practice’s devices are ergonomic safeguards the most important aspect of your practice: you.

Rapid Release Therapy

The role of ergonomics in physical therapy and the chiropractic industry is important to keeping you in top form to treat so you can treat your patients with the best care possible.

That’s why Rapid Release Therapy exists. Using the latest scientific innovation in vibration and ergonomics, Rapid Release Therapy, Class-1 medical devices, is improving practices across the United States.

A device that vibrates at the 150hz, the Pro2 allows patients to get the treatment their bodies need while lessening the physical strain on healthcare providers. These devices are heavy-duty and industrial-strength and can run along with any muscle group in the body, large or small.

To learn more about what Rapid Release Therapy can do for you, click here.

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