Vibration vs. Percussion

High Speed Vibration Therapy vs Percussion Devices

We are frequently asked what the difference is between Rapid Release Therapy and percussion.
We hope this answers many of your questions.


Percussion devices have been around since 1901. They are slow speed with a long stroke, and produce the same (deficient) results. They work well on large muscle groups, but come up short on extremities, muscle insertion points, and tender areas which are typically the problem spots.
Percussion devices run less than 3600 rpm with most rotating much slower. They have separate, removable and replaceable attachments. Moreover, there is the negative “Jack Hammer” effect on hands, elbows and shoulders.


The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 is completely different.  With a tiny stroke (1/16”), and nearly 10,000 rpm, our patented, fine-tuned, counter-balanced device delivers smooth power to the patient and brings relief to practitioner’s hands. Additionally, the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 can be used parallel to the body for impact mode, or perpendicular to the body for a large contact area, and any angle in between.
The combination of high-speed, tiny stroke, five built-in treatment heads, and patented dual motion (parallel or perpendicular), allows you to direct the right amount of energy precisely where it’s needed. Targeted, High-Speed Vibration is well-suited for extremities, insertion points, neck and back muscles.  These areas are hard to access with old school percussion.

The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 is a Professional Grade, Therapeutic Medical Device. The rest are just massagers.