The Most Advanced Vibration Therapy Device

Safe & Effective on a wide variety of aches and pains

The Rapid Release Therapy™ PRO2

85% of Practitioners get Results with the PRO2 that they could not get before

Relief For Both Practitioner & Patient

Therapeutic modalities put stress on the practitioners hands, wrists, forearms and more making muscles tired and sore. Not with the Rapid Release PRO2. With the ergonomic design, a tiny stroke and a balanced mechanism, it is easy on you and your patients. Additionally, its 10,000 Vibrations per minute and 5 built in treatment heads provide the raw power and precise targeting of soothing pain releasing energy quickly and painlessly even over muscle endpoints, tendons, bony and tender areas. At the end of the day, many of our practitioners take their Pro2 home at the end of the day to work on themselves and their families.

Discover the Power 

of Vibrational Therapy

Unlike the slow percussive massage devices that have been around for over 100 years, The Rapid Release Pro2 is totally unique in combining high frequency vibration with a tiny stroke. Lots of published research has gone into determining the optimal frequency for the human body, the length of the stroke and the design of the heads to maximize comfort, effectiveness and versatility. Ever wish you had a device which would work on any part of the body and penetrate deeply into the muscle? Wish no more! The short stroke and high frequency provides deep muscle penetration and a satisfying session throughout the body.

Industry Leading

Best In Class Device

With so many consumer and medical grade devices on the market, who can you trust? Rapid Release Therapy is designed engineered and assembled in the USA and is FDA cleared for “Various Medical Uses, such as Relaxing Muscles and Relief of minor Aches and Pains”. The Rapid Release Pro2 is a Professional grade Class 1 medical device designed specifically for healthcare professionals to resolve musculoskeletal issues in Physical Therapy, and can alleviate many symptoms dramatically in one session. No wonder over 90% of our practitioners use it daily in their practice.

Total Peace of Mind

Ever had buyer remorse? Nothing is worse than feeling like you have been scammed or ripped off. That's exactly why we have a 90-day 100% money back guarantee* and a 2-year limited warranty. If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please let us know . And if you experience a problem with it, reach out and let us take care of you!

Here’s What Your Peers are Saying About Rapid Release

  • PRO2 By the Numbers


91% of practitioners reported using the PRO2 in their practice everyday!


The PRO2 delivers 10,000 vibrations per minute to the treatment area.


85% of Practitioners got results with they had never achieved before.


The PRO2 is the trusted go-to device by over 20,000 practitioners.

  • Dynamic Range of Treatment Options

    With 5 built-in treatment heads, you have the dynamic range to safely and effectively treat everything from tiny TMJ muscles all the way to glutes and hips as well as extremities like arms, wrists, hands, legs, ankles, and feet


Get Results You Haven't Seen Before!


The Rapid Release Therapy™ PRO2

Over 90% of our practitioner customers report using PRO2 in their practice every day!


Obviously, results can vary, but we want you to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 90-day Guarantee*. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund*. It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.

*for licensed health care practitioners, all others will have a 15% restocking fee

  • What People Say About The PRO2

    Just some of what our 20,000 customers have said over the last few years.

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  • Real Reviews from Real People

Dr. Cristian F. Hernandez

I’ve been using rapid release for the past two years and I’m very happy with the results and feedback I get from my patients, and mostly, how much it helps to speed up the process of healing. I’m all about getting patients “back in the game” as soon as possible... and Rapid Release, it’s my #1 tool.

Dr. Josh Adams

I have been using Rapid Release for the past 5 years. I have seriously had at least 15 patients want to purchase one because they like it so much. I had the older model and the newer model and have had excellent results with both of them. It is definitely worth the cost and has added a huge benefit to our practices.

Mark Bunz

My chiropractor has been using this on my back that I broke a while ago. I liked the results so much that I went and purchased my own. Great tool for my aches, pains, and recovery. My wife is very happy with how much it has helped with her foot pain also. Great tool to keep us as active as we like to be.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


Rapid Release Therapy Therapy pioneered high-speed vibration therapy in 2010 and discovered the optimal vibration speed for versatility and results. The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 uses this powerful vibration therapy with high frequency and short stroke to relieve minor aches and pain, remove tension, and revitalize muscles.


Rapid Release Therapy pioneered high-speed vibration therapy in 2010 and discovered the optimal vibration speed for versatility and results. The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 uses this powerful vibration therapy with high frequency and short stroke to relax muscles and reduce aches and pains.


The Large Tip is used for most applications. The Actuator is used to apply vibration to a very small area. The Treatment Cap is for smoothing and gentle application. The Soft Tip is for use over bony areas.


1) Turn on by pushing the gray switch on the rear of the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 to the right.

2) Use a grip that is comfortable to you, making sure that you are not obstructing the air vents.

3) Rotate the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 so the desired treatment head is in contact with the body.

4) When using for the first time on somebody, ask them to hold out their hand with their palm up and apply Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 to confirm it is acceptable to them.

5) Applying pressure is not needed or recommended. Let the weight of the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 do the work for you.

6) Keep the device moving about 1 inch per second in a circular or zig-zag motion.

7) The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 can be used on skin or clothing.

8) Do not pull or tug on the power cord. Doing so could damage the cord or cause the power to disconnect where the cord connects at the base of the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2. This may void your warranty.

9) It is normal for the green disk to become warm to the touch. Like any mechanical device, while in use, it is normal for the areas near the ventilation slots to become warm, If this area becomes hot, turn the machine off and let cool off for ten minutes before using it again.