PRO2 for DENTISTS copy

Targeted High Speed Vibration Therapy

Release Tight TMJ Muscle.
Get Ahead of Your Pain.
& your Loved Ones Too.

Or, maybe you just want to increase the superlatives in your reviews by having every patient to walk out of your office feeling great.

Either way, the Rapid Release PRO2 gives you the extreme versatility and dynamic range needed to quickly release everything from tiny TMJ muscles to athletic hips and glutes. Ergonomic and balanced mechanism make it super comfortable for you and your patients. Dual motion and 5 built-in treatment heads gives you the ability to apply with precision. The results will astound you.

85% of our doctors get results with Rapid Release that they were unable to get before. Buy with confidence with our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee*

The Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 is a patented, professional grade Class 1 medical device, designed and made in California.

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* Try the Rapid Release for 90 days before you decide to keep it. 100% refund for medical professionals. All others pay 15% restocking fee.