OCT 2019.Vol.01.No.10

OCTOBER 2019 • VOL. 01 • NO. 10

OCTOBER GOOD VIBES! What's inside? October's Practitioner of the Month, Dr. Craig Mueller, believes he's probably treating people differently than anyone on planet Earth.

"Time spent with my patients is far more THERAPEUTIC, BENEFICIAL to them, and ENJOYABLE to me because I have this device at my disposal."

RRT: Dr. Mueller, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. Let's start with the name of your practice?

DR. MUELLER: Mueller Chiropractic.

RRT: How long have you been in practice?

DR. MUELLER: Thirty-seven years.

RRT: How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy?

DR. MUELLER: One of my associate doctors introduced me to the original device. The first one I saw looked like a silver flashlight with a little metal head on the end of it. It was quite noisy, and I wasn't interested in it. I thought it was too disruptive. Then I saw an ad in one of our trade journals and it looked so much nicer than the one that I'd seen. So, I went on the web site and checked it out and decided to buy it. The day I received it, I played with it, and I ordered another one!

RRT: What was it that interested you most about it?

DR. MUELLER: It was the intensity of the device. It was the feedback. I was using another device called a Vibracusser. It was more of a punching device. Rapid Release Therapy was smoother and more powerful. It was a little more versatile with its all in one head, and there was very little feedback to my hand, arm, and shoulder as the user. The other device gave me tennis elbow which was just unrelenting. It took forever to go away. I'd already quit using that device.

RRT: How many Rapid Release Therapy devices do you have in your practice?

DR. MUELLER: Three, and we have one at home.
RRT: How do you use those devices in your practice?

DR. MUELLER: I use the device on every patient! Through my training in myofascial work in the various techniques, I have essentially devised my own protocols using the Rapid Release Therapy Pro2. I developed ways of assessing where to apply the device, and I have ways of monitoring if I have accomplished my objective before moving on. That's all through dynamic or active movement testing of the patient.

RRT: What are the best results that you've seen with Rapid Release Therapy?

DR. MUELLER: I think they're twofold. Number one is immediate relief, and two is improved movement.

RRT: Is there any particular patient or case that stands out to you?

DR. MUELLER: There are too many to mention! It's just revolutionary! I'll go so far as to say that what I'm doing with this device, in conjunction with my training, exercise, and lasers, I believe I'm probably treating people differently than anyone else on planet Earth.

RRT: Has Rapid Release Therapy helped you with your patient compliance and retention?

DR. MUELLER: Yes! Most importantly, the referrals are up considerably because of the uniqueness of the device, and the way I'm incorporating it with what I was already doing in release work. It's much faster. It's more versatile. People do not have to undress. They don't have to have lotions or oils spread across them. They don't leave bruises or black and blue as some of the other techniques do. Sometimes people will say if you are not getting bruised, you're not going in deep enough!

DR. MUELLER: Rapid Release Therapy is powerful, and most importantly, it's effective! Patients see and feel results in a matter of minutes! That really gets their attention. I think from their compliance and their enthusiasm to refer people to my clinic, I am certain that they see value. I have so many people that are paying cash. I book on the 10 minutes and I adjust them and use Rapid Release Therapy and charge $75 dollars. People come. I'm going to see about twenty-five this afternoon. They don't bat an eye. I have done volume like that all throughout my career, so I can't say that I would not generate that volume without the device. I will say that my time spent with my patients is far more therapeutic, beneficial to them, and enjoyable to me because I have this device at my disposal.

RRT: That's a great statement. Thank you for your time today, Dr. Mueller.
DR. MUELLER: My pleasure!

Mueller Chiropractic Center, Louisville, KY

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