JANUARY 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 1

JANUARY 2020 • VOL. 02 • NO. 1

JANUARY 2020 VISION - GOOD VIBES! January's Practitioner of the Month, Dr. Thibodeau, talks about some patients who had stubborn, long-lasting problems where nothing seemed to help until Rapid Release Therapy. Now that is powerful!

"Rapid Release gives me an extra edge in my chiropractic business."
Below is our interview with Dr. Daniel Thibodeau of Beck-Thibodeau Chiropractic in Appleton, WI.

RRT:  Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in this interview.

THIBODEAU:  You're welcome!

RRT:  What is your clinic name and how long have you been in practice?

THIBODEAU:  Beck-Thibodeau Chiropractic Clinic and I've been practicing for 30 years.

RRT:  How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy?

THIBODEAU:  I was at a chiropractic seminar about four years ago, and one of the doctors there had a Rapid Release Therapy device. They were doing demos during the seminar and were asking the doctors if anybody would like to try the therapy to see what it felt like. They were asking for people with long-standing issues to volunteer to try it out. That is when I first heard about it.

RRT:  What interested you most about Rapid Release Therapy PRO2?

THIBODEAU:  The doctors would come back into the seminar and make comments about the two-minute treatment. Many were amazed that they felt better than they had in many years.  Maybe it was their elbow, hip, knee or low back. So that was very interesting to me.Rapid Release Therapy would give me an additional therapy that could help my most difficult cases.

RRT:  How many Rapid Release Therapy PRO2s do you use in your practice?

THIBODEAU:  I have two currently.

RRT:  How do you use those devices? Are they part of a treatment plan, or is it a standalone treatment that you use with them?

THIBODEAU:  Generally, I adjust the patient maybe three to five times first and then, depending on their progress, I'll add the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 in after their adjustment.

RRT:  What are the best results that you've received from using Rapid Release Therapy?

THIBODEAU:  The best results are when a patient is stuck at a certain level of improvement, the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 helps them get more pain relief or more mobility. Some patients had stubborn, long-lasting problems where nothing seemed to help until Rapid Release Therapy. Now that is powerful!

RRT:  Has the Rapid Release Therapy PRO2 helped with your patient compliance and retention?

THIBODEAU:  Yes! Patients actually come in more often and are requesting it!

RRT:  Do you have any tips for others? Are you doing something now that you were not doing before?

THIBODEAU:  The big thing I've been telling patients is this therapy works very well for speeding up improvement by helping to reduce pain and relax muscles faster. Hopefully, they will have fewer problems in the future. Patients love that chiropractic works very well but when we add Rapid Release Therapy. It gives them an extra level of improvement.

RRT:  Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

THIBODEAU:  When I saw the Rapid Release Therapy for the first time, the doctor challenged me to buy it and use it on my most difficult patients for 1 month. I did my normal Activator treatments and then the Rapid Release Therapy.  If I was not completely satisfied, he would give me my money back. I called him 1 month later and bought a second unit. My patients and I were amazed at the added results. Rapid Release Therapy gives me an extra edge in my chiropractic business.
 It was a great decision for me and my patients!

RRT: Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us.

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