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Frequency is Key

Percussion massagers have been around since the 1880’s. Now, they look nicer, but still have the same long, slow, stroke as their ancestors.

Useful on the large muscles and looks great on video, but impractical on the more problematic areas of the body.

Rapid Release Therapy Pro3 is high frequency with a short stroke to efficiently direct therapeutic doses of vibration energy right on target.

The Pro3 features dual motion and five built-in treatment surfaces. Combined synergistically with other professional techniques the Pro3 delivers superior results. The Pro3 is designed to target trouble areas such as neck, wrists, hands, legs, ankles and feet.

Running 3-5x faster than percussion, Rapid Release Therapy has plenty of power even with a stroke 1/10th the length, since speed exponentially increases power.

At this speed, the head stays in contact with the skin,giving you all the power, and precision targeting, you need for comfortable, all over the body therapy.

5-in-1 Treatment Head


How does the Rapid Release Pro3 compare to percussive guns? Review the comparison matrix below to learn more.

Features Vibration Therapy Percussive Devices Notes
High Speed 10,000 rpm 2,100-3,600 rpm Rapid Release is 3-5x faster than percussion
Short Stroke 1/16" Amplitude 5/8" Amplitude Short stroke increases comfort, relief and reduces muscle guarding
Design Intuitive functional design Gun/Triangle Functional design allows for extended reach
Treatment Vibration Percussive Rapid Release Pro3 features a frequency of 155 (+/- 10%)
Broad Application Head-to-Toe “Full Body Therapy” Large Muscles Percussive is not recommended for small muscles, extremities, and sensitive areas.
Extremities Vibration therapy is highly effective on extremities and small muscles.
Registered Medical Device Rapid Release is a professional, therapeutic, medical device
Treatment Heads Five built-in treatment heads Stop & replace heads Dual motion, multi-head device for maximum versatility by changing the angle
Weight 2.1 lbs 2.5-3.1 Lightweight devices allows for increased portability
Operation/ Ergonomics Meticulously Balanced ‘Jack-Hammer’ Percussion is stressful on the wrist, elbows and shoulders
90-Day Trial Exclusive professional program. 100% money-back gaurantee