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Rapid Release™ EQUINE THERAPY  

This edition of our PRO 2 is uniquely engineered for outdoor use making it perfect for equestrian and veterinary applications.


Get the Rapid Release™ EQUINE THERAPY PRO 2

Rapid Release™ EQUINE THERAPY is a non-surgical, non-invasive and drug free solution for the treatment of tight muscles to improve movement and flexibility. Rapid Release™ Therapy is safe, effective and fast.

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   The Rapid Release™ Therapy - PRO 2 - EQUINE is the only high frequency vibration therapy device that can help reduce pain, improve flexibility and optimize function.


Rapid Release™ Therapy is dedicated to improving people’s lives and well being by developing and producing innovative, proprietary products designed to achieve measurable results.



Rapid Release™ EQUINE THERAPY is helping equestrians, trainers and veterinarians care for their horses.



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