Dr. Stanley Stanbridge

Inventor, President

A practicing Chiropractor since 1978. Dr. Stanbridge has focused on pain and relieving suffering in a non-surgical, holistic way. In 2000 Dr. Stanbridge introduced the use of powerful LED arrays using a proprietary blend of visible and infrared wavelengths to relieve pain and reduce the signs of aging on the skin.  

An early adopter of vibrational medicine, Dr. Stanbridge investigated high-speed vibrations and its effect on the body with patients who had been suffering. This led to the formation of Rapid Release Therapy which today is now the “go-to” therapy for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers and the health and medical community in general.

Jeff Maier

Co-Founder and CFO

An accomplished software engineer, Inventor, and Sales professional. Jeff began his software career by writing “Flight Code” for the GPS satellite at Rockwell Space Systems in 1981 and then wrote dozens of video games including “The Cabbage Patch Kids” for Coleco and the first interactive VR games 'Urban Surfin' and 'Air Boardin' which led him to become a "Miller Lite All-Star" in 1986. 

After selling his video game company, he was looking for a way to make the greatest positive impact on humanity when he met Dr Stanbridge and immediately saw the potential of his early prototype.  Extremely grateful to be involved in a company that brings so much joy and relief to the world, Jeff looks forward to meeting you at our HQ or at future trade shows.