Rapid Release Technology, LLC is dedicated to improving people’s lives and well being by developing and producing innovative, proprietary products designed to achieve measurable results.

Dr. Stanley Stanbridge

Inventor, President

A practicing Chiropractor since 1978. Dr. Stanbridge has focused on pain and relieving suffering in a non-surgical, holistic way. In 2000 Dr. Stanbridge introduced the use of powerful LED arrays using a proprietary blend of visible and infrared wavelengths to accelerate healing of wounds and injuries leading to the formation of the highly successful LightStim brand, the largest selling hand held light therapy device in the world.

An early adopter of vibrational medicine, Dr Stanbridge investigated high speed vibrations, their affect on tissues. Immediate and lasting results with patients who had been suffering led to the formation of Rapid Release Therapy which today is poised to become the “go to” therapy for physical therapists, chiropractors, sports trainers and the health and medical community in general.

“Bottom line is I want to help people have a better fuller life.  Without question Rapid Release is uniquely qualified to deliver that help.I love being surrounded by people who feel the same way.Rapid Release Technology is too important to mankind to not make progress everyday towards the goal of directly or indirectly helping people achieve a better fuller life.  I am brought to tears when I have the occasion to speak with a user of Rapid Release and they go on and on about how it has changed their life and the lives of their patients, family, friends, often the lives of people who were told there was no hope for a better life.  

We all have a choice to do what we do, however I feel like from the very first astonishing successes I had with my patients in February 2010, when I made the first Rapid Release device, I haven’t a choice in the matter.  I have to do this with you and anybody else who can invest in our vision.  -Dr. Stanbridge, 2016

Jeff Maier

Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing

Jeff is an accomplished software engineer, Inventor and Sales professional. Jeff began his software career by writing “Flight Code” for the GPS satellite at Rockwell International Space Systems Division in 1981.  He has created a dozen video games for Coleco and Surf Systems. 

Jeff was named a Lite Beer All-Star in 1988 and was featured on ABC World News, ESPN, CNN, Fox and international TV shows for his virtual reality surfing and snowboarding simulators.  Jeff finished his pre-RRT career doing technical sales for network security software. In additional to Jeff’s technical and sales background, he is also an author, singer, songwriter and yoga teacher.

“I spent the first 40 years of my life Left Brain Dominant (Engineer, Ego etc.). When I hired a top Life Coach, my Right Brain began to surface and I re-invented myself to inspire Peace, Love and Joy.  Suddenly the art, music and writings began to flow and life got much sweeter.  

My Coach told me that I had to shoot higher, though. I needed to aspire to something much bigger than myself. Something that might take longer than my lifetime. I committed to end suffering on the planet. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but then I met Dr Stanbridge and then the synchronicities started.  It is amazing what the power of intention can do.”  -Jeff Maier, 2016.

Rapid Release Therapy products are intended for various medical purposes such as relaxing muscles and relieving minor aches and pains.