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  • WINTER SALE $999

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$200 OFF PRO3 SALE ENDS 1/31/23

High-speed vibration

Rapid Release Technology, innovator of targeted high speed vibration therapy, is proud to introduce the new cordless Pro3.

Precision balanced, lightweight, ergo design is easy on you and your clients. Dual motion and 5 treatment heads provide the dynamic range and versatility needed for effective full-body therapy.

  • Cordless

  • Lightweight

  • Ergonomic linear design

  • 150 Strokes Per Second +- 10%

  • 3-5x Faster than percussion

  • Fast Shipping

Dr. Andrew Oteo DC

"Veterans are a group of people that have been through a lot!
We would be out there for three or four days straight working
on these guys. They would keep coming back for treatment,
praising the machine and saying how much better they felt
after every application."

Stonebridge Chiropractic | Texas

Linda Jaros

"Rapid Release is not just for my patients. It has become an indispensable part of my self-care routine. At the end of the day, I assess my body and work the areas that need some assistance to recover for my next day of work."

Health & Wellness Coach | Colorado

Dr. Craig Mueller, DC

"Time spent with my patients is far more therapeutic, beneficial to them, and enjoyable to me because I have this device at my disposal."

Chiropractor | Kentucky

Treating Pain? Top Professionals Use Rapid Release Therapy

85% of our practitioners get results with Rapid Release Therapy that they could not get before