Practice of the Month: Malibu Chiropractic & Wellness Center!

The Rapid Release featured Practice of the Month is Malibu Chiropractic & Wellness Center! Dr. Ron Maugeri has been practicing since 1986 helping patients feel well and live pain free.


How did you first get into Chiropractic work?

“I got injured long jumping at a Track and Field event and I tried the traditional route, with literally no success, somebody said I should try a chiropractor. I was 18 years old at the time and I really didn’t know much about chiropractic, good or bad. I literally had to be carried into the office because of the severe pain. The chiropractor Dr. Bruce Brilliantine from Princeton, NJ worked on me and I walked out of the office almost pain free. It was so magical and I was so impressed with the results I ended up working for Dr. Brilliantine the rest of my college career and like they say, the rest is history. I’ve been practicing since 1986 and I hope I touch the lives of patients like Dr. Brilliantine did with me.”


What do you most love about being a DC?

“I most LOVE the ability to help people in such a rapid fashion using chiropractic and other recovery modalities. To see a patient walk into the office in so much pain and walk out with a smile, for me that is priceless.”


What have been some of your biggest challenges with your business?

“The biggest challenge for our business is to get people to understand the value of chiropractic and getting more people in the community to FIRST go to a chiropractor for spinal and extremity issues. Also to get patients to come in once a month for adjustments whether they are hurting or not.”

Dr. Ron Maugeri Using the Rapid Release Pro2


How did you find out about Rapid Release Technology?

“I discovered Rapid Release Therapy at a Dr. Porteus seminar. I met Ron Hunt great guy and a good salesman.”


What interested you most about it?

“I liked the way it felt on the body and the instant relief or overall good feeling the machine provided.”


Did you have any objections or concerns before purchasing and if so, how have they been alleviated with your experience so far using the Rapid Release Therapy?

“My first concern was the price, it seemed higher then most machines but after being educated and experiencing the machine I was hooked.”


How many units do you own?

“I own 15 units for my office. 2 per room and the others used for house calls.”


How has Rapid Release Therapy helped your client’s recovery progress?

“My patients are overwhelming happy with the Rapid Release Therapy and most say it speeds up the recovery process. So many patients have experienced much relief many patients purchase the unit for home use. Many patients in Malibu have even purchased units for the ailing older parents because of the great relief it provides. I have a long list a happy and satisfied patients.”


How has Rapid Release Therapy helped your business grow?

“Rapid Release Therapy has increased referrals and some people who would not have come in as a chiropractic patients comes in just for the Rapid Release Therapy.”


Do you use any other fascia, manual or vibration tools or techniques and how does Rapid Release Therapy compare? (Graston, vibracussor, ART, etc.)

“I use the Erchonia percussor and it is good it’s just a lower frequency and is good for certain cases. Both units have their place in my office but I do use the Rapid Release Therapy much more overall.”


Do you have any words of wisdom for other practitioners?

“Add Rapid Release Therapy to your tool box of recovery modalities, you won’t regret it and patients will thank you and tell their friends about your new found recovery device. Separate yourself from the other chiros and be the BEST in your community and add Rapid Release Therapy to your practice.


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