Practice of the Month – Action Spine & Sports Medicine Denver!

We are so excited to feature Dr. Benjamin R. Cowin (DC, MS, ATC, CAFS) and Action Spine & Sports Medicine Denver as our featured Practice of the Month! 

Dr. Cowin is owner of Action Spine & Sports Medicine Denver. He started his career in sports medicine as an athlete himself. After an injury, he began working as an athletic trainer, which jump started his career. Now he is one of the top chiropractic and sports medicine doctors in the country, working with competitive athletes to get more out of their bodies to drive peak performance. Dr. Cowin is also a big fan of using Rapid Release Therapy to treat his patients and athletes!

Check out Dr. Cowins social media profiles:

Instagram: @ActionSpineDenver, Facebook: @SportsDocBen, Twitter: @ActionSpineDnvr

Dr. Cowin treating UFC Champion Rose Namajunas with Rapid Release Therapy.

How did you first get into the Chiropractic profession?

I got into chiropractic as a career change after spending several years in professional sports. I wanted a job that kept me home & near my family a bit more than on the road as much as I was on the road, but still a career where I could impact peoples lives for the better.

What do you love about being a Chiropractor?

I think the thing I like most is the ability to help so many people with a different perspective on what their health issues could be.

What are some of your biggest practice challenges?

We are a cash based practice. So the hardest part is just convincing people that what we do will work, and tends to work better, faster than if they were to do the “systems thing” where they get put in a ‘mill’ based healthcare system.

How did you find out about Rapid Release Therapy?

Through colleagues within the sports medicine/sports chiropractic world.

What interested you most about it?

I liked the portability of it as well as the ability to have multiple points of contact.

Did you have any objections or concerns before purchasing and if so, how have they been alleviated with your experience so far using the Rapid Release Therapy?

Not really. It came highly recommended by people I trust, so I didn’t have many reservations.

How many units do you own?

Just the one unit. We’re a very small practice.

How has Rapid Release Therapy helped your client’s recovery? 

Rapid Release Therapy in clinic is more used in conjunction with certain neurological approaches where we are trying to use rapid vibration for the purpose of stimulating the PCML. So it is an adjunt procedure we use in conjunction with things like Class IV laser, nerve tracing work, dry needling & other nerve based procedures. On the international scene our athletes use it in place of foam rolling & passive warm ups. They absolutely swear by it.

How has Rapid Release Therapy helped your business grow?

I think it offers a different level of support for the big picture. When used appropriately it can really be a powerful tool in the grand scheme of healthcare.

Do you use any other fascia, manual or vibration tools or techniques and how does Rapid Release Therapy compare?

Yes. We use Graston, FAKTR, FDM, & several other forms of fascial manipulative techniques. I think the Rapid Release Therapy is completely different. You can’t really compare it to the others. The rapid vibration is so much more efficient, so it’s just not fair to compare them.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other practitioners?

I truly believe that Rapid Release Therapy is a great tool to have in clinic. I’ve used many different types of vibration, techniques and tools and I think Rapid Release Therapy is definitely one of the top on the market. It’s versatility and specificity really does yield high-end results for every type of condition.