Health & Wellness Luminary: Matt Gloyd, DPT, PT, CDN & Founder and CEO of PT3

Building Customized Treatment Programs—and Business—with the Rapid Release Pro2

Thousands of practitioners far and wide—and even more patients—benefit from the amazing outcomes of the Rapid Release Pro2. Thanks to Matt Gloyd, DPT, PT, CDN, the Scottsdale, Arizona area is no exception.

Dr. Gloyd and his colleagues at his practice, PT3, made Rapid Release Technology an integral part of their truly remarkable services, and have seen nothing but success.

In 2013, Dr. Gloyd founded PT3—which stands for ‘Physical Therapy and Private Training with a Personal Touch.’ PT3 is an in-home, concierge-style practice that uniquely blends physical therapy rehabilitation and personal training, customized for each individual patient.

“First, we treat pain and restore range of motion, then transition the clients’ biomechanics to optimal function. Eventually, this targets a ‘jumpstart’ to their overall quality of life!” Dr. Gloyd says.


Rapid Release Technology Gives Gloyd a Jumpstart of His Own

It was also in 2013 that a PT3 patient introduced Dr. Gloyd to Rapid Release Technology. “After weeks of utilizing the Pro1 device in conjunction with my active release techniques, Rapid Release became revolutionary to my practice,” the doctor says. “This was the beginning of a new era for my practice and physical therapy experience.”

Since discovering Rapid Release Technology, Dr. Gloyd and his practice have purchased about 20 Rapid Release Technology devices and now use the Pro2.

“Rapid Release became part of our PT3 brand and now I’m personally using two devices at one time,” Dr. Gloyd explains. “I saw an immediate return on my investment and there will be more purchases to come.”


Boosting Business and Diversifying Services On-the-Go with the Pro2

PT3 is seeing a steady rise in demand for its services. Dr. Gloyd believes that the Rapid Release Pro2 has helped PT3 meet this demand in more ways than one: “Offering Rapid Release Technology has provided our practice and clinicians a ‘super-power’ to accelerate outcomes in all patient conditions,” he says. “We enjoy our job more having a fun device like the Pro2 to work with, and it provides for much less wear and tear on our bodies versus utilizing 100% manual therapy.”

Dr. Gloyd is passionate about the Rapid Release Pro2, particularly its versatility. He and his colleagues quickly discovered that the technology was a natural fit for PT3.

“Our therapists have developed protocols and theories behind the application of this device since 2013,” he says. “We are capturing accelerated outcomes and testimonials for improvements in pain relief, range of motion, flexibility, reducing tone, and essentially freeing up any restriction to movement.”

Because PT3 is a home-health practice, the portability of the Rapid Release Pro2 is another feature that Dr. Gloyd and his colleagues appreciate. “One challenging aspect of my business model is traveling to see the patients,” Dr. Gloyd explains. “I made sure each therapist has at least one Rapid Release device in their tool-box to offer the best care possible.”


Dr. Gloyd’s Advice? “Go Get the Pro2 for Your Clinic and Never Look Back!”

Practitioners can add treatments with the Rapid Release Pro2 seamlessly into current protocols—all while enhancing patient satisfaction and cash flow. Just ask Dr. Matt Gloyd.

Dr. Gloyd encourages practitioners to put the Rapid Release Pro2 to work for their patients and their practice in three ways:

1. Optimize application of the Pro2 by utilizing it in conjunction with existing techniques like ART, contract-relax, PNF, etc.

2. Get patients moving in functional movement patterns while applying the device in conjunction with the techniques above to free up any restriction to their movement.

3. Incorporate the Pro2 into an à la carte service and/or market this for your clinic. Doing this suggests you offer the latest, most innovative technology in our world of physical medicine.

Dr. Gloyd recommends the Rapid Release Pro2 to any practitioner treating pain, driven to provide patient-centered care and improve outcomes. He views the Pro2 as a way to increasing demand for services and creating the word of mouth crucial to building business.

“No other modality on the market can stack up to the versatility the Rapid Release Pro2 offers from a marketing or patient outcome standpoint,” says Dr. Gloyd.


About Dr. Matt Gloyd and PT3

Dr. Gloyd earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2012 at Northern Arizona University. As an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, he played Division I football for the Wildcats. Dr. Gloyd is founder and CEO of PT3, which stands for ‘Physical Therapy and Private Training with a Personal Touch.”

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, PT3 offers its physical therapy and training services to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Each patient receives a treatment plan customized to their individual needs, with a focus on overall health and wellness. PT3 serves the Arizona areas of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills.

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To schedule care with PT3, call 480-482-7040.