How Dr. Sorchy helped Justin Gatlin become the fastest man in the world. (Enter: Rapid Release)

How Dr. Paul Sorchy Helps Sprinters to Victory with the Pro2

You could call Paul Sorchy, D.C., the chiropractor of the world’s fastest human beings. And the Rapid Release Pro2 plays a big role in the chiropractor’s work. Olympic running heroes and other world record-holders like Tyson Gay, Tori Bowie and Justin Gatlin regularly visit Sorchy’s Clermont, Florida-based practice for treatment—Clermont Chiropractic Life Center.

If Justin Gatlin’s name rings a bell, it’s probably because he just became the fastest man on the planet. On August 5, 2017, American Gatlin defeated Jamaican eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt in the IAAF World Championship 100-meter dash final at London Stadium.

While Dr. Sorchy did not travel with Gatlin to the London competition, Gatlin did bring along his Rapid Release Pro2, which he affectionately calls ‘Tyrone.’ An earlier adopter of Rapid Release, Gatlin had our first Pro2 prototype and now uses our latest model. He uses it to treat his hip, groin, feet, Achilles tendon and calves. Sorchy says Gatlin has gone through three Pro2 devices because of different energy voltages abroad. “Rapid Release was gracious enough to honor the warranty,” Sorchy reports.

Justin Gatlin, the fastest man in the world

Dr. Sorchy uses the RRT Pro2 on Gatlin

The RRT Pro2, Nicknamed “Tyrone” by Gatlin

Finding the Right Tool for His Job—The Pro2


About four years ago, Dr. Sorchy and his colleagues attended a seminar in search of the best way to treat a sprinter’s tight muscles and groin pain. And they found it. “After trying literally every device at the seminar, Rapid Release Technology was the one we were looking for and everyone agreed it was the best, most cost-effective way to help our athletes in the long run,” Dr. Sorchy explains.

What really set the Rapid Release Pro2 apart from competing technologies? “It’s the immediate response. It’s a true rapid release of tension,” says Sorchy. “These athletes have only days, or sometimes hours, to get back on the track. The Pro2 is an integral part of our program.”

It’s not just pro athletes that get the royal treatment with the Pro2 at Sorchy’s practice. He initially purchased the Pro2 for the athletes, but quickly found himself treating other patients on multiple parts of the body. Sorchy says, “The Pro2 has been proven time and again, not only on the world’s most elite athletes, but on the elderly and soccer moms just the same.”

The chiropractor created four different programs just with the Rapid Release Pro2, including a heel protocol, finger protocol, wrist/forearm protocol and groin/inguinal ligament protocol. “We saw 100% success, with no surgeries in over 100 patients,” Sorchy reports.

Treating the Best with the Rapid Release Pro2


Dr. Sorchy and his team, which includes doctors, licensed massage therapists and chiropractic assistants, treat American and international athletes. Half of the top sprinters in the world are treated at Clermont Chiropractic Life Center. Sorchy also owns and is president of the gym franchise Lord’s Gym, where the runners train.

Sorchy states that the Rapid Release Pro2 is often requested by these elite athletes when they visit him for treatment: “They’ll say, ‘Am I going to get that vibration device, Doc?’” Dr. Sorchy is more than pleased with the results he sees with the Pro2. “These elite sprinters, the fastest human beings on the planet, are having less pain and tightmess and are getting back on the track quicker through our protocols which include the Rapid Release Technology Pro2,” he says.

Another reason Dr. Sorchy and his pro athlete patients love the Rapid Release Pro2 is its portability. “We can travel with the Rapid Release Pro2. It came with me to Rio [the 2016 Olympics],” he says. Dr. Sorchy also likes how easy it is to teach the athletes how to treat themselves with the Pro2. “It’s very simple. I showed an athlete today,” he explains. “They can feel the spots more than I can isolate them. It’s easy for athletes to understand where to put the device and use it without harming themselves.”

The Pro2 as a Practice-Changer


Offering the treatments with the Pro2 has boosted business for Dr. Sorchy and his colleagues. “When you get good results, you get good referrals. Honestly, it’s been irreplaceable; its a vital part of my practice. One of the easiest ways to address tightness and rigidity has been with the Rapid Release. Plus, Dr. Sorchy uses the Pro2 to treat himself. “I suffer from tight muscles and a variety of aches and pains from my days as a soccer player and teaching workouts at Lord’s Gym. Plus, I am 50 years old. Who doesn’t have aches or pains at 50, and I have a lot of patients to see.”


Bottom line, says Dr. Sorchy: “Chiropractic works. The Rapid Release Pro2 helps facilitate that process.”


Rapid Release Pro2 is intended for relieving minor aches and pains and relaxing muscles.


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