Rapid Release Technology Supports America’s Best at Marine Beach Bash

In Support of our Brave Soldiers


In our country, it’s easy to forget that there are thousands of men and women dedicated to protecting the citizens of the United States. Our military members and their families make daily sacrifices so that we can enjoy our freedom and way of life.

However, there are a special few who never forget, and who have committed their lives to supporting American troops and their families. This August, Rapid Release Technology was lucky enough to meet two such amazing people—Cynthia Martinez and Debbie Record-Gomez.

Rapid Release Technology was proud to honor US Marines and their families at the 10th Annual Gator Beach Bash for the 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, on Saturday, August 12th, at Camp Pendleton’s Del Mar Beach. Just a half hour north of San Diego, California, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is the Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility.

Martinez and Record-Gomez each make a difference every day with their San Clemente, California-based military outreach nonprofits. Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Words of Comfort, Hope and Promise, the organization that throws the annual Beach Bash. Meanwhile, Record-Gomez sits on the board of American Heroes Tribute.

A Divine Call to Action and a Military Mother

Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001, Cynthia Martinez prayed to find a way to support our country at war. “I just had overwhelming compassion. It was so overwhelming that I knew it came from God,” she says. “I said ‘I am willing, but you have to open the doors.’” Martinez explains that she felt called to start a nonprofit organization to benefit the military. She did just that with Words of Comfort, Hope and Promise. The organization provides a wide variety of outreach services to the US Armed Forces and their families—from shipping care packages to deployed troops, to supporting military families at home.

Debbie Record-Gomez has volunteered for military outreach initiatives for more than 14 years. As the mother of a daughter who is a Major in the US Army, she knows first-hand what troops’ families go through. “The importance of supporting our military members and their families cannot be emphasized enough,” Record-Gomez says. “Everyone can do something to support a family or organization.” American Heroes Tribute honors U.S. Military personnel that made the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families, through banners of remembrance.

The Rapid Release Pro2 Reports for Duty


Members of the Rapid Release team were at the country-themed Beach Bash at Del Mar Beach to pamper the troops and their families with the Pro2. More than 2,000 attended the Bash and hundreds received Pro2 treatments. Martinez and Record-Gomez, who are close friends, agree that the troops and their family members thoroughly enjoyed the Pro2 treatments. In fact, Record-Gomez is a certified massage therapist with her own practice, where she uses the Pro2 daily on patients.

“I have been witnessing miraculous outcomes using the Pro2. The relief is immediate, so everyone I’ve seen treated with the technology had a positive response,” Gomez-Record reports. Martinez observed many post-treatment smiles at the Bash as well. She also got a treatment herself from Record-Gomez, which made her feel “lighter” than compared with the typical massages she gets. “I am so glad that Rapid Release Technology came out and helped pamper our Marines. If anyone needs that stress relief, it’s our troops and their families!” Martinez says.

Record-Gomez is a long-time Rapid Release Technology advocate. She restructured her practice to blend the Pro2 with manual massage, and touts the Pro2’s “potential in helping to relieve muscle tension and pain.” She also treats herself with the device. “The Rapid Release Pro2 keeps me going, injury- and pain-free!” Record-Gomez says. At the Beach Bash, Rapid Release Technology donated two Pro2 to Words of Comfort, Hope and Promise. “I want the Pro2s to be given to Marines who are going through some issues where they can really benefit from it,” says Martinez.

The Beach Bash was a great and inspiring event, and a much-appreciated chance for Rapid Release Technology to show our support from our men and women in the military. “They are America’s best—I tell them all the time,” says Martinez. “They are our heroes.”

Here at Rapid Release Technology, we agree with all of our hearts. Our mission is steadfast—to help others. We were humbled by the opportunity to help the people who fight to keep the US safe, and the many family members who make huge sacrifices of their own.


How can YOU help our military members and their families? Consider these two worthy causes:


Words of Comfort, Hope and Promise: Learn more, volunteer or donate at http://www.comforthopeandpromise.org/home.html


American Heroes Tribute: Learn more, volunteer or donate at http://americanheroestribute.us/